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At Troiber, they deliver almost everything for the palate. Now, they deliver their food greener with solar panels on their fleet

As one of Germany’s leading food wholesalers with its own production and equipment for institutional kitchens, Troiber GmbH & Co. KG has a major influence on what you and I eat. They fulfill this responsibility with a strong focus on  good quality food. In addition, they have a strong desire to run a sustainable business. This is now reflected in the installation of solar panels on their fleet.

From farm to fork

Company founder Xaver Troiber worked as an farm worker in the post-war period. Part of his salary came in the form of an entire stock of scrap iron. The sale of this gave him the money to buy his first vehicle, which was used to transport the iron he traded. He soon expanded and began selling sauerkraut and pickles, which he produced in his garage in Hofkirchen, which had been converted into the first production site.

In 1960, he founded a sauerkraut factory in Hofkirchen in Niederbayern. From 1982 until the latest generation, Maximilian and Constantin Troiber, who are now running the company together with their father Günter Troiber in 2023, a lot has happened in the company. Joining the Service-Bund, opening up the C&C market, supplying river cruise ships and partnering with several breweries, among others.

Using local ingredients is important

Throughout the company’s long history, further development of the business area has been in focus. It has been developed with the production of several salads, antipasta, pickled fish and seafood with dressings, sauces and convenience products.

Over 600 products are made from scratch. Particularly in the production of delicatessen products, great emphasis is placed on the use of local raw materials that are processed with care. There are economic, quality and environmental benefits to using local ingredients, it strengthens the relationship with the local area and contributes to the social responsibility of the company. These are all important elements of the family business.

A large force keeps the wheels turning

At Troiber, we know that employees are the company’s most important asset. Without them, there would be no company. There are a wide range of training opportunities for staff, as well as joint social events such as Christmas lunches, bike rides and trips. Since the 1980s, the company has had a training license and boasts around 300 apprentices, of which over 90% have been incorporated into the company in the last 5 years.

A total of 550 employees work together to ensure customers receive their orders within 12-24 hours, six days a week. As a family business and member of Service-Bund, they want to be the customer’s partner in foodservice. Based on the customer’s individual needs, together they develop solutions tailored to each catering business.

Roots in the past, eyes on the future

With the company’s location as a local and traditional food wholesaler, they see it as the foundation of their self-image to take social responsibility and work from a resource-conserving approach. The company’s holistic approach applies to the entire value chain. Food waste is a major focus area, so it’s natural that they support initiatives such as United Against Waste, an organization that has worked for several years to raise awareness about food waste and develop practical solutions.

Organic and the use of local ingredients are also linked. In addition to organic products, the company is also IFS (International Featured Standards) and MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified. For more than 20 years, the company has also been treating their own wastewater. Their energy needs are covered by their own solar panels and 2 combined heat and power plants. Measures that have saved the company 585 tons of CO2 emissions.

The next step towards a greener future

The company has chosen to go even further in its work towards bigger CO2 savings. This time it is the fleet that will be roofed and contribute to the company’s green initiatives. Mathias Richter from Green Energy has been involved in the first installation of a 220Wp solar cell kit on one of the company’s refrigerated trailers with a tailgate.

An initiative that was made possible by EUROPART Hengersberg. During the installation, Mathias met the Managing Director of Troiber GmbH & Co.KG, Günter Troiber, for a chat about their work to achieve CO2 neutrality. “We heard about your products from our contact at EUROPART, Alexander Weber. The technology was simple, easy to implement and fits very well with our desire to act in a resource-saving way, as your panels are largely made from recycled materials. Our plan with the installation is to ensure the batteries in the lifting platform and the refrigeration unit in the trailer are always charged. In addition, we can see a gain both economically and environmentally in terms of fuel savings,” concludes Günter Troiber.

Congratulations to Troiber GmbH & Co.KG on the first installation.

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