Transintertop handles logistics with care

Transintertop Kft. takes responsibility for your freight and the environment. This has led them to install solar panels on the roofs of their trucks

Transintertop Kft. is a consciously and prudently expanding company. Their headquarters is located in the town of Környe in Northern Hungary. With direct access to central routes through Europe, Transintertop Kft. has created the best prerequisites for the future. Since its founding in 1997, Transintertop Kft. has worked dedicated to achieving its current status as a key player in road freight transport, freight forwarding, and logistics in Hungary. The company’s growth has led them toward the ambition to be able to offer sustainable transport and logistics solutions. This is why they have now decided to install solar cells on their trucks.

A startup is a solution to customer demands

The company’s establishment in 1997 was based on the market need for an international transport solution. The story began with freight forwarding, then the firm established its own operation with the purchase of four 24-ton vehicles. In 2004, the company relocated to its current facilities. They have since then expanded, on top of their initial 1000 square meter storage building, with additional 25 square meters of storage space and facilities in order to store their clients’ goods before dispatch. The company has also expanded its services to include a service shop and a car wash. The most recent development was the launch of intermodal transport services.

The fleet has now grown to include more than 150 trucks and 185 trailers. The number of employees has surpassed 300, spread over eight departments. The company’s freight planners are highly qualified with a great deal of experience in planning road transport. Flexible and efficient planning ensures a competitive service as well as sustainable transport.


Sustainability is more than just empty words

Sustainable transport is a top priority for the Transintertop Kft. As freight forwarders, they hold a great responsibility to take care of the environment. They are working towards creating sustainable and eco-friendly solutions throughout the entire company. This is a job that’s never really done. It is a continuously developing process. One of the primary goals they have committed themselves to, is a CO2 reduction of 50% before 2030. Many initiatives have already been set in motion, including the acquiring of EcoVadis Silver certificate and the establishment of intermodal transport service. In alignment with this policy came the decision to install solar panels on their trucks.

An investment in the future

A representative of Green Energy/ was present during the installment of the first solar cell solutions on the first two trucks. A 165Wp solar cell solution was installed on two Scania R-500 trucks. At the same time, Transintertop Kft. was also certified by EUROPART as an installation partner for Green Energy/’s products. The service manager at Transintertop Kft. Balàzs Gergely spoke on why the company had chosen to install solar panels on their trucks: “We have a clear goal to reduce our company’s emission of C02. This is why we’re always on the lookout for new, innovative solutions. We were interested in Green Energy/’s solution after talking to our contact at EUROPART. One of our primary goals is fuel reduction which is beneficial for both the economy and the environment. This is why we spotted a clear advantage in being certified as an installation partner since we have our workshop and therefore will be able to offer this service to others as well.”

We congratulate Transintertop Kft. on their first installments and their certification.

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Green Energy/ products are distributed by the following:

Norway: TTI
Netherlands: WIJLHUIZEN
Other countries: EUROPART

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