Többe Spedition goes green and saves 500+ liters (132+ gallons) of diesel each year

The forwarding and transportation company has long considered and researched the option of making its vehicles more self-sufficient – Green Energy/MIPV.pro became the solution

Többe Spedition, headquartered in Meppen in the Emsland district, Germany, can look back on more than a hundred years of history and now proudly leads the way in the green transition. 

Responsible use of limited resources and carbon reduction plays a key role at Többe Spedition. The company is continuously working on reducing its fuel consumption by investing in economical engines and intelligent control technology as well as encouraging fuel-efficient driving behavior among its employees. Now it has shifted gears and installed solar panels on the roof of its vehicle fleet. 

Többe Spedition sees enormous potential for savings with green technology and believes that the green solution in several ways accommodates employees, clients, finances, and the environment. 

Listen to Markus Kemper, operations and fleet manager at Többe Spedition, talk about the many reasons why the company chose to get solar panels on the roof.  

Video production: Mavic Media


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