Hanitzsch delivers logistics on equal terms

Spedition Hanitzsch offers unique transportation solutions. From now on, they are on the road with solar panels on the roofs of their fleet

A company with more than 100 years of history has not gotten this far with “business as usual”. The family-run Hanitzsch GmbH & Co. KG is certain that an existence without progress is unthinkable. Spedition Hanitzsch is always looking for ways to improve and has never shied away from new paths. This has now led to the installation of solar cells on the roof of the trucks.

Four generations of experience

The company was founded and registered in 1920 in Dresden. The starting point was a family-run grocery store. Today, Andreas Hanitzsch is the fourth generation to run the company. Not only does the tradition go back a long way. A large part of the customer base is also based on long-term relationships. This shows that the path taken many years ago was the right one.

A strong network, regionally and nationally

The company works closely with a network of partners and service providers throughout Germany. Numerous transport projects can be realized in this way. The extensive network makes it possible to offer customers flexible and agile solutions. For more than 25,000 transports per year, from daily fixed services to individual logistics concepts and the implementation of customer-specific wishes. All this is carried out with the dedication of 250 highly qualified employees equipped with modern systems and vehicles.

An optimal location with the most modern facilities

Today’s company headquarters in the Kesselsdorf commercial area just outside Dresden, with direct access to two federal highways, paves the way to all of Europe. 10,000 m2 of covered storage space, both for long-term storage of goods and for short-term intermediate storage, allows most customer requirements to be met. Truck parking lots, as well as an in-house workshop and gas station, make it easier for employees to maintain the 160 trucks, so they are quickly ready for use with every order.

Curiosity and innovation have a long tradition here

With the motto: “A life without progress is unthinkable”, the company clearly shows that with tradition as a driving force, plus curiosity and innovation as fuel, it can move forward and constantly develop further. The use of the latest technologies is essential for the company – it’s the only way to achieve the best transportation and logistics experience for customers. This openness and curiosity have now also led to the installation of solar cells from Green Energy/MIPV.pro on the roofs of the company’s trucks.

A green decision that will benefit many in the future

In parallel with the installation of solar cells on the roof of its trucks, the company decided to become a certified installation partner for our products. Gerd-Michael Röper from Green Energy/MIPV.pro accompanied the installation of the first 165Wp kit on one of the company’s MAN TGX trucks built in 2022. The company received its certification and is now part of the rapidly growing global network of installation partners.

During the installation, Gerd-Michael spoke with the workshop manager at Hanitzsch GmbH & Co. KG about what led to the choice of our products. “We are constantly looking for innovative solutions that help us improve our services and strengthen our leading position as a transportation company that wants to make a difference. With these solar solutions, we can secure the power supply for our trucks without the need for idling. We think it’s the best solution on the market and look forward to a reduction in fuel consumption. We also transport dangerous goods and your products are approved for installation on trucks that transport dangerous goods. We plan to equip 20 trucks with it every year, so it made sense to get certified”.

We congratulate Hanitzsch GmbH & Co. KG on both the first installation and the certification.

Read more about the company here: www.spedition-hanitzsch.de

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