Nord-Spedition is an expert in liquid transportation

Nord-Spedition loves logistics jobs. As experts in liquid transportation, they are at the forefront of the industry. The latest green initiative is solar panels on the roof of the fleet

At the logistics company Nord-Spedition GmbH & Co. KG, customers can expect competent and individual advice as well as flexible transport solutions for their liquid transport. The family-run company actively works to create environmentally friendly and resource-efficient logistics, most recently resulting in the installation of solar panels on its fleet.

A family adventure takes shape

It all started in 1976, when Siegfried Hansen started the family business Nord Spedition with the first transport. Since then, the company has grown steadily and today employs 180 people. The fleet has grown to 77 trucks and more than 130 trailers. Every day, the company ensures that over 4 million liters of goods arrive safely at their destination. Today, the company is led by the next generation, Lars Hansen and Haakon Hansen.

Logistics with technology and quality in mind

The company brings together experienced employees who can support the company’s desire to utilise the most state-of-the-art technologies. For the past 20 years, the company has been ISO certified in relevant areas.

The company is certified according to GMP+B4, which includes the QS standard for food and food-related supply chains. In addition, the company is also authorised as a specialised waste management company according to §52 KrW/AbfG certification (German Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act)

liquid tank logistics around the world every month

Whether you need to transport food, feed or chemical products, Nord Spedition offers professional liquid tank logistics. More than 18 times around the world in one month. That adds up to 25.000 kg per order, 65.000 tons per month, 750.000 kilometers per month.

Throughout the years, the company has stood for high quality standards and innovative solutions. With professional and personalised advice, customers can rest assured of safe and reliable transport.

Three load groups with different requirements

When it comes to food transport, the company offers several solutions. With weight-optimized and insulated 1-3 chamber tankers with a capacity of up to 35.000 liters, they can offer individually suitable vehicles for each transport, thus avoiding oversized vehicles in relation to the load. Many of their vehicles are also equipped with heating systems, E-pumps and compressors.  All food transport is carried out by drivers with up-to-date qualifications. Food tankers are equipped with sterile filters and all cleaning is done at certified seaweed truck cleaning facilities.

The transport of feed is on the same level as foodstuffs for the company, so here too the sensitive handling of the transported goods is a top priority. With a fleet of more than 10 insulated tankers with a volume of up to 35.700 litres, transporting exclusively in accordance with the strict GMP+B4 guidelines.

For the transport of chemical products and dangerous goods, the company also has tankers with a volume of up to 35.700 liters. These are also insulated 1-3 chamber tankers and, as in all of the company’s business areas, are optimised with the latest equipment and controlled by the most advanced technology. The company’s drivers who transport dangerous goods are all specially trained in the driving and handling of dangerous goods.

Eco-friendly and resource efficient logistics

At Nord-Spedition, we believe that a modern fleet is the foundation for economic and environmental success. In addition, it creates great reliability when customers can rely on their goods arriving on time. That’s why the company has chosen to use only Euro 5, Euro 6 vehicles and ECO liners.

With the Volvo FH and Renault T, they have best-in-class vehicles that reduce consumption, increase efficiency, improve mobility and provide the best driving environment for the driver. These are perfect for long distances. For the company’s ECO-Liner, it’s the Volvo FM electric that leads the way in environmentally friendly technologies. With a range of 300 km on a single charge, it’s the perfect all-rounder for local transport. The Volvo FH LNG was chosen by the company for its up to 20% lower Co2 emissions.

The company has been recognized with the EcoVadis Bronze Sustainability Medal for their work in sustainability, covering factors related to the environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable supply chain.

In line with their focus on the environment and sustainability

Most recently, the company has chosen to install 110Wp solar panels on one of the company’s Volvo – FM Electric trucks. A choice that fits in very well with their strong focus on offering a greener transport solution to their customers. Oliver Heinze from Green Energy was involved in the installation, which was carried out in collaboration with Olive Walter from EUROPART Flensburg. Oliver Heinze met with Haakon Hansen, CEO of Nord-Spedition, for a chat about what made the company choose this solution.

“We are working very actively to create a company that focuses on the environment and sustainability. When we heard about your products from our contact at EUROPART, Oliver Walter, we found a product that could help us on several fronts. With your strong know-how in mobile photovoltaic systems, we were eager to have them installed. The plan with the installation is to relieve the high-voltage network in our electric trucks, which also recharges the 24v network. This increases the overall range of the vehicle. We can reduce the need to recharge the 24v batteries and gain a buffer. With this latest installation, we have installed solar panels on a total of 6 of our fleet vehicles. This takes us one step further towards more sustainability. The plan is to install more solar panels on the fleet,” concludes Haakon Hansen.

We would like to congratulate Nord-Spedition GmbH & Co. KG on all the installations.

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