Installation – We train and certify fitters

Our technical team helps, guide and teach your employees to install the solar modules. We have the longest experience in mobile sun installations.

Installation of solar panels on existing diesel driven trucks

solarbus pro - our lowlight-sensitive solar cells - easy installation
The solar cell system is easily mounted on your trucks. It will take only a few hours to install a complete system, hassle-free without any problems.

We offer courses for your employees, so your team can be in full charge of the solar installation on your truck fleet.

Everything you need to install the system on your truck is provided to you as a ready-made kit. In short – Plug and Play.


An example of the installation-kit that has been mounted by the customer in just one hour.

The Solar modules ensure that there is always power in the car. The unit supplies power to the 220V consumption that is needed for the craftsman’s machines.

Watch the video how easy it is