Dania Connect chooses Solartruck.pro green solar-solutions

Dania Connect a large European transport company chooses solartruck.pro green solutions

Dania Connect is one of the most responsible companies in the field of transport when it comes to environmental impact. With their 430 trailers and their almost 160 trucks (incl. Permanent hauliers), they are a significant player in special container transport. The company was born out of the Maersk Group and has 44 years behind it. Today, a forward-thinking green transport company with the environment and social responsibility at the forefront.

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Dania Connect

The challenge for Dania Connect and many others is to have enough electricity available, especially in connection with rest periods where the truck is stationary and therefore does not produce electricity itself.

This has led to the development of a solar cell system that can be tilted up behind the cab. When the car enters a rest period, the trailer is disconnected, and the car is driven about half a meter forward. It provides space to tilt the plate up with the 165Wp CIGS solar panels.

These are made specifically for the transport sector and are flexible as well as resistant to impact or other influences.

With the E-certified charge controllers from Green Energy / mipv.pro which are behind the solartruck.pro plug and play packages, the car gets approx. 40% more energy out of the solar cells compared to conventional technology.The solution has been developed in collaboration with P. Christensen – Mercedes Benz who has designed the ingenious folding system.

The solar cell plug and play solution is delivered through EUROPART.

At Green Energy/mipv.pro, we are proud to be part of the solution for Dania Connect.

Dania Connect
Dania Connect
Dania Connect