Contrail Transport is quality and reliability

At Contrail Transport, they don’t talk about punctuality and quality. They deliver it everyday. That’s why they’ve chosen to add solar panels to their fleet, for greater reliability

For more than 5 decades, German Contrail Transport GmbH & Co. KG has been a recognized name in the transport and logistics industry. They have strong values and focus on green solutions that ensure as much climate neutrality as possible. With their deep-rooted values and goals in environmental protection, they have taken the next step and installed solar cells on the roof of their fleet.

The vision of two people takes shape

Back in 1976, the company, August Muhle Fuhrunternehmen GmbH was founded by Waltraud and August Muhle in the German town, Visbek. As early as 1979, the company was renamed Contrail-Transport GmbH & Co. KG and has since specialized in individual, flexible logistics solutions tailored to customers’ products and needs.

From its headquarters, the company coordinates and monitors the logistics of overseas containers on behalf of well-known shipping companies and freight forwarders. Today, the company has more than 150 of its own trucks that transport containers from all over the world to Germany and Europe on a daily basis.

The workshop, In-house ensures fast service around the clock

The company also has its own workshop. Here, all legal tests are carried out, as well as regular maintenance and repairs of the fleet. The workshop employees are all specialized in their own field. This ensures a high-performing fleet that is ready to go every day. The workshop, like the rest of the company’s departments, is open and available around the clock.

A wide range of services and a fleet that match it

The company can perform transports that require tilting chassis 20´, 40´ and 45´ also “door to the sky” chassis 20´ for vertical loading. Combi trailer for delivery of 2 X 20′ containers. Refrigerated containers, hazardous goods transportation and BNP (pharmaceutical products) transportation to name but a few. A lot of thought has been given to the comfort of the drivers, with deep beds in the trucks. In addition, there are video-monitored transshipment points in Bremerhaven, Hamburg, Sehnde, Visbek, Rieste, Osnabrück and a parking lot in Wilhelmshaven with the possibility of intermediate storage (including refrigerated containers). An initiative that creates security for both drivers and customers.

Focused on sustainability and the environment

Green logistics with transportation that is as climate-neutral as possible is important to Contrail Transport GmbH & Co. KG. The company has a state-of-the-art fleet according to the Euro-6 standard and LNG truck with 30% less CO2 emissions.

Much can be done with efficient planning, but the company has made an active choice to use low-emission vehicles to optimize. Their latest initiative is the installation of 165Wp solar cell kits on the first 3 of the company’s DAF-XG+ trucks.

Radoslaw Sroka, truck mechanic at the company had a chat with our employee during the installation. “We are very focused on providing as sustainable a transportation service as possible. When we became acquainted with your products through EUROPART, we were impressed by the well-thought-out product and the high efficiency of the panels. We expect to achieve considerable savings on both batteries, through extended battery life, as well as fuel savings. We are also aware that our drivers need to be able to use various electrical appliances such as microwaves and coffee makers while on the job. The goal here is that the solar cells can provide power without the vehicles having to idle. The three test vehicles show very good figures, so it could well be that all new vehicles will be equipped with solar cells.” Radoslaw Sroka concludes.

We congratulate Contrail Transport HmbH & Co. KG on their installations.

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