CIGS technology solar panels for trucks

This technology saves fuel, battery life and extra power on trucks. These solar modules are easy to install and have a great effect.

The CIGS technology deliver convincing performance and high efficiency - high-performance CIGS technology for buses

Two thousandths of a millimeter effective material is enough

This technology of solar cells are specially developed for the transport sector. It is a technology that cannot crack and can withstand harsh weather.

The product is far more light sensitive, produce power by cloudy and in low radiation, and have no problem being placed horizontally. Furthermore, there is very little influence due to temperature and the panels do not become hot on the backside. There is no fire-hazard with CIGS.

Made with a special glue on the back, that can withstand everything and will not release even in extreme conditions.


Why we use solar cells with this technology?

In this video, we show why we use CIGS technology on the body of the trucks.

We use this technology because it cannot crack, it cannot ignite fire and it is very good for withstanding harsh weather.

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