Böld Transporte on an eco-friendly journey

Böld Transporte has expanded its services from sand transport to food logistics and is now aiming to go green by fitting parts of its fleet with solar panels on the roof

In the beginning, Böld Transporte GmbH, founded by Josef and Josefa Böld, dealt with sand transportation. With the entry of their sons and the expansion of the business area in 1982, they began transporting food.

Throughout, the focus has been on creating a family business with a focus on kindness, punctuality and reliability at all times, which, as the company motto, has set the standard for a company that thinks beyond profits, but also about their impact on the world around them. As a natural consequence, they have chosen to install solar panels on the roof of their fleet, moving towards carbon neutrality.

When a dream and a passion are passed on

When Josef and Josefa Böld founded their company back in 1950, it was with a passion for quality and a belief in making a difference in the market. Focusing on the transportation of sand, they built a company that gained a foothold and grew into the large and reputable family business known today as Böld Transporte GmbH, part of the Böld Group.

With their sons joining the company, they decide to start with food transportation. In 1986, they acquired a 2000 m² company property in Augsburg Oberhausen and built a workshop and offices. In 2001, the company had to expand again. After receiving an order from a customer in 2005 to supply their central warehouse with fruit and vegetables, even more space was needed and this time a 3000 m² warehouse and two cold storage rooms were built.

A breakdown provides a better overview

After the company’s expansion in 2005, the family business had grown so much that the decision was made to separate transportation services from warehousing services. Böld Logistik GmbH became a reality and fruit and vegetables from all over the world are delivered and handled in their logistics hall. With a constant focus on a friendly and reliable approach to customers, a sharp and punctual service, the dream the Böld couple started their business with more than 70 years ago has today grown into a reputable family business that employs 85 people and has a fleet of more than 40 vehicles.

With feet firmly planted in the past and eyes on the future

At Böld Logistik, they know that the road to success is through hard work and that credibility as a company is created through quality and stability. This means that they are constantly working to improve their service and implement the most modern technology to stay ahead of current safety and environmental requirements. All staff are highly qualified in their respective fields and undergo regular training. The fleet is constantly renewed and complies with current hygiene requirements and is tested according to the HACCP system (Hazard analysis and critical control points, a 7-step system that helps to identify, assess and manage areas that have a direct impact on food safety). The company is also certified according to IFS Logistic, which is developed by the association of German supermarket chains.

A wide range of transportation and logistics services

Every day, Böld Logistik supplies many branches of the largest discount stores in southern Germany with food, both frozen and chilled. In addition to food transport, the company also offers non-food transport, return transport of empty pallets and bulk transport. Around 10,000 pallets of fresh fruit and vegetables are delivered from all over the world every month.

The fruit and vegetables are stored in over 3000 m² of cold storage, divided into temperatures that ensure that the goods retain their freshness. All picking and transportation is carried out with a strong focus on the highest quality control according to EU regulations.

A concern for the world and the environment

Throughout the Böld Group, there is a strong focus on solutions that can reduce the company’s environmental footprint. This can be seen in their focus on recycling as many materials as possible and, of course, in their fleet, which is always kept in top condition.

The latest initiative is the first installation of solar cells from Green Energy on the roof of their trailer. This was made possible through a collaboration with Siegfried Hilz from EUROPART. Mathias Richter from Green Energy was involved in the installation of this 240Wp set on the roof of a refrigerated trailer from Böld Transporte. He met Claus Böld, authorized signatory of the company, to talk about what prompted the company to take this step. “In our industry, reliability is a great necessity. Both the cooling system and the tailgate of the trailers use a lot of power. With the installation of your solar panels, we get a solution that ensures power even when the trailers are stationary. This, together with the recommendations we received from EUROPART, made us decide to install this first test set. The plan is to install it on more vehicles in the fleet”, Claus Böld concludes.

Congratulations to Böld Transporte GmbH on the new solar cells.

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