Trucks all over the world are using our solar panels to save fuel and CO2

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Our custom-made CIGS solar panels for trucks are available worldwide. Our tailor-made CIGS solar panels designed for trucks can be obtained globally.

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Trucks harness solar energy with CIGS solar panels is a game-changer in the world of transportation! We’re a team of experts committed to revolutionizing heavy transport. Our mission is to provide sustainable and cost-effective solutions to hauliers looking to reduce their carbon footprint. 

 Our innovative CIGS solar panels are specially designed to power onboard electronics and essential systems while reducing fuel consumption and emissions.


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How it works

How does the solarpanels deliver green energy?

01. The sun

New technology, new rules

With out technology the first step is to catch the light and warmth of the sun. Traditional solarpanels needs a lot of sun to produce a decent amount of energy. With our CIGS solar cells, green energy will be harvested even on cloudy and rainy days. So first step is to catch the beams of our star, the sun.

02. Converting energy

A complex system made simple

To actually use the energy the CIGS solar cells are harvesting, we have to convert the energi to electricity that is usable by the truckdriver. This process is taken care of by multiple types of equipment, that ensures the energy gets converted safely and cleanly. In our solarpanel set we use a special designed chargecontroller with a good quality inverter of your choice.

03. Enjoy

Enjoy the freedom

Last step is for you to sit back and enjoy your new solar panel solution. You will now be able to brew coffee without the use of diesel, you will be able to microwave your food without the use of diesel and so on.


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