Solar Panels for the Truck industry

High-performance Solar Panels help you save fuel on your Trucks and taking good care of the environment – its a win-win situation for all.

Save fuel with solar panels

Reduction of CO2 emittance and up to 2000 liters* of fuel savings annually

– With solar panels mounted on the vehicle roof.

*Based on data from Trucks operating in regions with many hours of sunlight.

A truck runs many miles every year on the highway and in urban areas. The fuel is usually diesel, emits NOx and CO2 in larger quantities – That is something we would love to change.

We have developed a unique software and electronics to recharge a truck’s battery from solar panels mounted on the roof.

This will be a win-win situation for the truck-company and for the environment.

Trucks all over the world use our solar panels and saves fuel

Our solar panel product is popular. We are constantly developing and doing much to ensure that our customers get the best product.

About us by Green Energy Scandinavia is the operational part of the Norwegian parent group Green Energy A/S. Our solutions are offered to the transport sector world-wide thus specializing in buses, coaches, trucks, vans and maritime segments.

Complete system deliveries and assembly course activities aimed at fleet owners and major installation companies is an add-on to our core services. We are here to help you get Greener.